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We welcome you to this website, www.wizrich.in. This is being operated by and as a division of Wizrich Financial Services. This firm is hereby referred to as "Our"/ "Us" / "We". The following rules pertain to all the users, viewers and paid members of this website and its services. By viewing this site, using it and our services, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions. Go through all the terms carefully before using our site or services. You should not use our information or services if you do not agree to any of or all of the following terms.

 1. As a user, you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement of Terms of Use. The services provided and the content of this website are pertinent to this agreement. We solely reserve the rights to make updates or any timely periodic modifications to the site, to ourselves. And these would be done as and when we perceive them to be needed and fit, keeping in view our business interests and the users' interests.

 2. The textual content, audio-visual content, the graphical outlay of the website are about to be subject to copyrights. And therefore, the users and viewers are advised to refrain from copying or distributing or selling this content in any way.

 3. The services provided are for your own use and are not meant to be reproduced or further distributed. If we get notice of such misuse, your services are to be terminated immediately without any notice. No refund would be available in this regard.

 4. We reserve complete rights to ourselves, to make any amendments, deletions, modifications, alterations and any other further changes to the services and to the website. This can pertain to the information, previous data or any other statistics. And this would be done partially or in totality, with or without providing any further notice. We are not liable to the users, viewers and any other concerned parties, regarding any above mentioned changes to the website. This would also include the temporary or permanent suspension of the services and the website.

 5. It is deemed that you agree to provide us indemnity from any sort of losses, claims, liabilities or expenses arising out of your violation of this agreement of terms and conditions while availing our services and/or using/viewing this website.

 6. We would not tolerate any sort of negative criticism on any medium, print or electronic or social media. Any such criticism or abuse in any indecent way or using unparliamentary language either directly or over phone or sms, would result in the immediate suspension of services and would not be revoked in any circumstances.

 7. All the trades initiated are updated in the performance page as and when either the first target is achieved or after the stoploss is initiated to be triggered.

 8. Though utmost care is taken to keep the open positions to the minimum, at times, there might be new trades initiated so as to keep the trading momentum going.

 9. Profits mentioned in the performance page are in accordance with the higher targets.

 10. Any client or clients who are found to be passing on or distributing our advice or recommendations would experience immediate suspension of their services without any refund.

 11. We are in no way connected with any other businesses operating under this name and are not at all responsible for any of the actions made under the same brand name. We are only responsible if any client subscribes to any of our paid services only in the name of Wizrich Financial Services or through the payment gateway linked to this website. 

12.  Disclaimer:-

All the contents of this portal and published here are only for informative purposes only. They should not be construed as recommendations to any person or persons to buy or sell any securities or their derivatives. The information published here and disseminated is derived from sources that are deemed to be reliable and also from technical analysis. Also because technical analysis is an art and not a science, its accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed. This website or the firm owning it and its partners, do not accept any liability for use of this website and its services. Readers, users and clients of this website who trade in securities and their derivatives based on the information published here or disseminated here are solely responsible for their actions. The owners of this website or the authors or analysts would not be liable or responsible for any legal or financial losses made by anyone.

 13.  Disclosure:-

Any specific advice or responses to any of the queries in this website or through email or sms or by phone are deemed to be the personal opinion of the authors/owners of this website and it is deemed that they are concerned and interested in such opinions, advices and recommendations. Wizrich Financial services does not in any way acts under the influence of any extraneous entity in recommendations in such a way that it infringes any of the provisions of the insider trading regulations as enacted by regulators. The authors of the advice or opinion or recommendations and the partners of the firm, here may or may not have any positions in the trades initiated. Trades published here might have already been initiated to the clients.